April 9, 2021
Latest company news about LEDS STRIP LIHGT RFQ

1. High quality: Our LED strip light is made up of aluminum 1 copper PCB board, super bright LED chips, strong resistors & capacitors, and silica gel with high transparency. The LED chip models 5730,2835 and 5050 are used mostly. In the past, there were also some models used such as 3014,5630, 5730 and 3528, but now they are deprecated.
2. Optional wattages: 6W, 7.2W, 14.4W, 16W, 20W, 24W, 28.8W, and high power 30W, 44W, 60W,etc. Each meter of LED strip light in different wattage has different numbers of LED chips.
3. Support multiple kinds of voltage: Low voltage DC 12V 1 24V , High voltage AC 110V / 120V / 220V / 230V / 240V. You can also ask us to customize unnormal voltages such as 5V, 4V, 6V, 9V,etc.
4. Support multiple kinds of color temperature: Normal color temperature - warm white (2500K,2700K, 3000K, 3500K), neutral white (4000K, 5000K), cool white/daylight (6000K, 6500K); Single color- red / green 1 blue / lemon / pink / purple / amber / yellow / orange; Multi colors - RGB/RGBW;Full spectrum / color. Normally full spectrum /color LED strip lights are programmable and addressable, they will be with a wireless/cordless controller and a small remote control. By using this remote control, you can set the color changing effects of the LED strip lights easily.
5. IP Rating: IP20, IP44, IP65, IP67 & IP68. Normally IP20 & IP44 LED strip lights are used indoor,and those in IP65 or above are used in outdoor/exterior applications. The strip lights in IP68 can be used in pools all the time.
6. Optional dimmable function: If you need dimmable function, an extra dimmer will be needed.
7. Customizable length: Our LED strip light is flexible and cuttable. We can help you customize a various kinds of length, such as 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m, 20, 30, 50m, 100m, etc. For the packings,normally we will pack 5m/roll or 10m/roll for low voltage strip lights, and 50m/oll or 100m/roll for high voltage strip lights..