High CRI tunable spectrum LED Strip Lighting

April 9, 2021
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What is tunable spectrum?

The concept of tunable spectrum comes with the popularization of Solid-State Lighting (SSL), and LED is a typical example. It is impossible to imagine how to make a light with tunable colors by conventional light sources like incandescent, tungsten, halogen, fluorescent, or High Intensity Discharge (HID), thanks to the digital features of LED, the tunability becomes true.

Gradually a single CCT / color LED does not meet the demand of complicated or innovative applications any longer and dynamic CCT / color changing is desired. The special made LEDs focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for specific applications. Besides high CRI LED lighting, monochromatic spectrum, wider CCT options and other integrations are all involved into the solution, aiming to meet different requirements with all feasibilities.

To realize tunability, the light source is at least with two different spectra for integration, it could be white light with different correlated color temperatures (CCT), colored semiconductor LED, colored phosphor converted LED or the combination of all of them.

High CRI + monochromatic tunable spectrum

The color saturation and rendition are always contradictory, the narrower the spectrum, the purer of the color is, and the color rendition will be worse because the spectrum does not cover much visible wavelength, similarly, a full spectrum offers good color rendition, but it can never achieve saturated monochrome.

The ideal solution is to obtain monochromatic color with high CRI white light simultaneously, this technology and product allow designers to create any color and white light with full feasibilities.

Our specially packaged LED integrates its advantage of defining LED chip and developing LED phosphor, providing the uncompromised solution for achieving both pure color and high CRI white light. The solution can be achieved by separated LEDs, or alternatively for the consideration of compact design and also offers integrated package solution.