Epistar 5050 LED Strip Light with Green Color for Mining

March 22, 2021
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The new designs incorporate cluster management technology, whereas the LEDs are fixed onto PCB boards forming clusters which are then welded together and extruded in a food grade silicone to form the actual strip lighting, these PCB boards are connected in parallel with the electrical circuit working together in synergy as a lighting platform, but independently in the unlikely case of failure, this means if there is a failure on any components of the lighting it would be isolated and not affect the remaining lighting system.


Plug and play system

Conventional lighting requires separate power and a wired connection to every lamp, needing the expertise of electricians. This becomes labour-intensive and costly when running many meters of lighting. The BOUKIN LED Strip Lighting plugs into an existing power source using a power supply which then connects to one end of the LED strip. A single power supply will light a 20 meter LED section. To extend beyond 20 meters, just add another power supply at the other end and connect the next section of LED strip – it's that simple.


Maintenance-free. Easy to repair.

Damage to lighting through routine underground activities happens. When a conventional lamp is damaged, it results in loss of illumination over many meters – making the affected area a safety hazard until repaired by a qualified electrician. Should a section of the BOUKIN strip light be damaged, only this section loses light. The remaining portion of the strip continues to provide illumination – allowing for a safer environment. Additionally, damaged sections can be replaced in 8" strips – making it a quick and cost-effective fix.


• Intelligent temperature management, sensors monitor LED temperature and if safe parameters are exceeded the affected LED’s are automatically dimmed until safe temperatures are restored.

• Intelligent voltage surge management, restorable resistors limit overcurrent and overvoltage situations.

• AC to DC convertors, miniature voltage convertors.

• Short circuit protection, in the case of short circuit the power is isolated until the circuit is normalized.


Dimension: 10000mm(length) *20mm(width) *10mm(height)


The strip light use super toughening silica gel soft overmolding process, the outlet end with a mould

injection waterproof connector, waterproof power supply, effectively enhance the waterproof

performance of products, LED strip light outsourcing silicone elastomer with good flame retardancy, and

has a certain impact resistant, High brightness with long working time. this strip light is used for dust,

humidity, rain, tremors, compressive environment and under the environment of corrosive gas lighting.



Part Number BK-SL60-36V(A) GREEN
LED Chip Epistar 5050
LED configuration 72 LED's spaced evenly over a metre length
Range fed from both sides 40 metres
Recommended fixing height 5 - 6 Metres
IP Rating 68
Power Consumption per LED 0.16 Watts
Power Consumption per Metre 12 Watts
Colour Rendering Index CRI > 80
Colour temperature 6500 Kelvin
Luminous Efficacy 80 Lumens / Watt
Voltage on lighting VDC 36 VDC
Supply voltage for power controllers VAC 85 - 265 VAC
Light maintenance 15%-20% Drop over 4 years
Lifespan 5 Years +
Warranty Lighting 3 Years
Outer covering Food grade silicone
Dimensions 10000mm(length) *20mm(width) *10mm(height)
Tensile strength +-50KG
Operating temperature -40℃ to 120℃
Protection Short Circuit
Over Voltage
Over temperature
Over Current