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Detailed Headphone Development History: Wireless Trip, Unlimited Freedom!

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Detailed Headphone Development History: Wireless Trip, Unlimited Freedom!
Detailed Headphone Development History: Wireless Trip, Unlimited Freedom!

Detailed Headphone Development History: Wireless Trip, Unlimited Freedom!


In the office, on the bus, in the subway, running, exercising, drinking coffee and earphones have become the best company for us to pass the time. As netease cloud music music report said, everyone who likes listening to music will have a lonely and hot soul. Well, I believe that everyone who loves listening to music will have a pair of earphones to accompany them all the year round!


But even if it is the friend that USES earphone everyday, the likelihood does not know the origin of earphone, today, small make up take everybody to chop a chop together "ear history".


1881 headphones had nothing to do with music


Everyone knows that headphones and music players are the golden pair, but the earliest headphones were born before the players. Back in the 1880s, the world's first headphones were born, but they had nothing to do with music. They were made for communication. To use it, put a few pounds of headphones on your shoulder, like a speaker on your shoulder.


Detailed Headphone Development History: Wireless Trip, Unlimited Freedom!


Hand-held earphones, 1895


By 1895, people started listening to music on headphones at home. But earphones were more like stethoscopes for doctors?


Detailed Headphone Development History: Wireless Trip, Unlimited Freedom!


The first modern earphone in 1910


In that year, Nathaniel Baldwin built the first modern headphones in his kitchen and sold them to the U.S. navy. The headphones are starting to look a bit like modern headsets. Thus began the hard road to the development of modern headphones.

Detailed Headphone Development History: Wireless Trip, Unlimited Freedom!


The first moving coil earphone was introduced in 1937


Since the era of modern earphones, the development of earphones has been a little slow. Until 1937, the world's first mobile coil earphone dt-48, made by Beyerdynamic, was undoubtedly a major milestone in the development of earphones.

Detailed Headphone Development History: Wireless Trip, Unlimited Freedom!


AKG's first headphones in 1949


That is, in the year when the Chinese people declared liberation, the development of earphones was also liberated. In this year, AKG, which was originally focused on the film equipment industry, jumped out of its old business and began to turn to audio-visual equipment, designing and producing its first modern earphone, the K120.




1958 the first stereo earphone


The world's first stereo earphone, the Koss sp-3, was introduced in 1958 and dominated the headphone market for a decade. This earphone is the first product that focuses on the experience.



1979 Sony Walkman:


The appearance of Sony Walkman (Walkman), can be said to be a major event in the history of headphones, headphones not only slimming success, but also suddenly like spring breeze to let the streets of young people, wearing headphones as a fashion!




1980 Earbuds


Before 1980, earphones were not in-ear, they were like earmuffs, and earplugs were, for many people, incredible products.




1997 Sony rear hanging headphones


Since 1980, earbuds have become popular, and there are more and more styles of earbuds. So SONY's rear hanging headphones came into being.






2000年 抗噪音耳机

2000 noise-canceling headphones


Bose's QuietComfort noise-canceling headphones, released to the general public, allow customers to enjoy their own bb0 world on a rumbling plane or in front of a noisy television set. Bose noise-canceling headphones are still the representative of the earphone industry.





In 2001, the new milestone of iPod achievement,
The appearance of iPod overturned the whole music world. You can see the guy with a white earphone cord hanging from your ears everywhere when you walk out of your house. The earplug earphone that appeared with iPod is also popular all over the country. An estimated 300 million headsets have been sold along with the iPod since 2001. This kind of small and delicate earphone basically led the trend of earphone in the next ten years.





2016 BK true wireless bluetooth headset


AS wireless bluetooth headset, can be said to solve the majority of song enthusiasts pain point. Previous bluetooth headsets were too expensive for wireless devices, such as apple earphones, which were often priced from 1000 yuan. Take the line is too troublesome, stumbling is often the case, a get up do not pay attention to, mobile phone, computer may fall to the ground. Therefore, AS is committed to developing cost-effective real wireless bluetooth headsets, allowing users to enjoy the ultimate experience of wireless bluetooth headsets at the cost of ordinary wired headsets.



After the "ear history", small make up faintly feel that the future of headphones, must be wireless world, because:


It has always been human nature to pursue freedom.


Every music lovers, but also a Bohemian love of freedom dream, only wireless tie, unlimited freedom!

So when headphones go from wired to wireless, it's to unleash human nature.
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